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Lucas-Nuelle Diagnostics and Measuring Techniques

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Lucas-Nuelle Diagnostics and Measuring Techniques

LUCAS-NUELLE Diagnostics and Measuring Techniques

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In order to successfully diagnose faults in motor vehicles, which are becoming more and more complex from year to year, it is not only necessary to have a broad knowledge of automotive technology, you also need the right set of measuring equipment and diagnostic tools not only to make a diagnosis possible at all, but to achieve it with an efficient use of time. Even though a vehicle may initially appear to be easy to understand, a look under bonnet quickly shows its multi-layered complexity. It is clear in this respect that a motor vehicle represents the symbiosis of multiple areas of study. This is where information technology meets engine mechanics. There are any number of liquids and oils derived from the area of chemistry which act as the life-blood of the vehicle. The design of the chassis is key to its driving characteristics. Complex open and closed-loop control systems in the engine management make sure that the vehicle moves efficiently and the multitude of electrical aids and comfort systems make sure it does so safely and enjoyably. Faults and malfunctions can occur in any of these systems, meaning that a servicing garage must offer a wide range of diagnostic skills. Due to the degree of electrification in modern vehicles, this is no longer possible without suitable equipment being available at the workshop.


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