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Heat Treatment

Heat treatment - UHT plants. The HTST & UHT pilot plants from Technolab enable the application of industrial heat treatment processes (UHT, pasteurisation, direct steam injection, microwave) on liquid products from laboratory scale (from 10 l/h) via pilot scale in pilot plants (up to 200 l/h) up to production quantities with batches of 5,000 litres.

For thermal inactivation, systems are available for both indirect and direct heating of the products. These can be used for research and development, for scale-up processes as well as for small-scale replication of production processes. In addition to the food industry, further applications are possible in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and in the production of flavours and ingredients.

Heat Treatment
Modular Miniature Scale HTST/UHT Process System

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT174X Modular Miniature-scale HTST/UHT Process SystemThe Armfield FT174X is a modular HTST/UHT processing system de..

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UHT/HTST Mini Pilot Plant UHT/HTST Mini Pilot Plant

FT74XTS UHT/HTST Mini Pilot PlantMINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGY A miniature-scale UHT processing system optimised for product development use. ..

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UHT Mini Pilot System

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT94X HTST/UHT Mini Pilot SystemThe Armfield FT94X HTST/UHT Mini Pilot system extends the range of continuous o..

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Mini Pilot System (Base Unit with Tubular Heat Exchanger)

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYUHT Mini Pilot System FT94LTThe FT94LT comprises a three stage heat exchanger complete with the services, controls a..

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Microwave Add-on UHT System

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT84-12 Microwave UHT Add-onThe Armfield Microwave UHT/HTST unit has been developed for the rapid heating of various..

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Laboratory Pasteuriser with Temperature Indication

FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT43 Laboratory Pasteuriser with Temperature Indication The Armfield FT43 laboratory pasteuriser is a miniature-scale HTST unit, which ..

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