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Armfield Flumes

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Armfield Flumes

Amfield Teaching and Research Flumes

Armfield has been designing and supplying a wide range of teaching and reserach flumes and open channel facilities (flumes) to hydraulic laboratories throughout the world for over 50 years. We have now introduced a new suite of standard research flumes, both tilting and fixed bed, available in several working lengths and a variety of operating modes. Also added to the range are computer control and data logging packages.

Below are some examples of available models:

Armfield S6 Armfield S28 Armfield S6 Armfield S8 Armfield c4
Research Flumes  Sediment Erosion  Hydraulic Flow  Sediment Transport  Teaching Flume

S6 / Research Flumes

If the requirement is for a flume suitable both for teaching and project/research work then the very popular S6MkII has to be the flume of choice, offering high levels of dimensional accuracy, a wide selection of models and accessories and formatting in various configurations.


S28 Sediment Erosion Flume

The flume has been developed to generate variable flow across a range of shear stresses, fully automated and precisely incremented to accurately determine erosion thresholds for poorly consolidated sediment (e.g. silty mud) through to consolidated heavy clay-like soils.


S16 Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator

The S16 operates as an accessory to the F1-10 Hydraulics Bench, offering a highly visual demonstration of flow through both open channels and close conduits. Includes a unique elevating bed section, and models of various hydraulic structures.

Armfield S16


S8MkII Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel

This improved version of the Armfield Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel enables the demonstration of the full range of bedforms that arise in a mobile bed as the flow and/or slope are increased.

Armfield S8


C4MkII Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume

The Armfield Multi-purpose Teaching Flume has been specifically designed to demonstrate the principles of fluid mechanics when applied to engineering structures in open channel flow.

Armfield C4MkII


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