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Mikrowellen-Zusatzgerät für UHT-Anlage

FT84-12 Mikrowellen-Zusatzgerät für UHT-Anlage

Die Armfield UHT / HTST Mikrowellen -Einheit wurde für die schnelle Erwärmung der verschiedenen Arten von viskosen, nicht viskosen und sogar nicht homogenen Produkten entwickelt. Produkttemperaturen bis zu 160 °C können erreicht werden.

The Armfield FT84-12 can be used with an Armfield FT174X, FT74X, FT74XTS or FT94X to provide a rapid microwave final heating stage.


• Add-on facility to FT174X, FT74XTS and existing FT74X units
• Product temperatures up to 160°C
• Rapid heating of product to 140°C in less than one second
• Dielectric heating with microwave energy
• Various holding tubes
• Versatile
• Compact, mobile, easy to install
• Reflected power monitor for fine tuning of the microwave system
• Temperature output for data logging


> Minimum negative effects on the physical properties of the product
(denaturation of proteins, vitamins, Maillard reaction)
> No surface ‘burn on’
> Fully flexible time-temperature combinations
> One system; many products and applications
> Saves time, ingredients and energy
> Easy to operate


The Armfield Microwave UHT /HTST unit has been developed for the rapid heating of various types of viscous, non-viscous and even non-homogeneous products. Product temperatures up to 160°C can be reached. The product is heated in a short product tube enabling extremely rapid heating rates to be achieved.

This extremely high heating rate reduces negative effects on the physical properties of the product, e.g. denaturation of proteins, vitamins and Maillard reaction.

Another advantage of the microwave unit is that the heating occurs throughout the volume of the product. No heated surface is needed, which prevents burning of the product.

The Microwave UHT/HTST is a user friendly laboratory system for pasteurisation, sterilisation, gelatinisation and other heating processes.

The FT84-12 is an add-on unit, which must be used in conjunction with an Armfield FT74X Tubular system. The FT74XTS is still available for independent use, but the FT84-12 cannot be operated without the FT74X/FT74XTS.

By purchasing an FT84-12, existing FT74X/FT74XTS owners can upgrade their equipment to a full performance microwave unit at minimum cost (FT74X/FT74XTS Plate Heat Exchanger units will need the Tubular Heat Exchanger option as well).

The FT84-12 is placed in-line with the FT74x/FT74XTS, using food quality couplings and flexible hoses, allowing the heating section to be used for product pre-heat. The FT84-12 includes an initial precooler close to the microwave applicator, with the main cooling provided by the FT74X/FT74XTS.

The combination of the FT74X/FT74XTS (tubular) and the FT84-12 provides complete flexibility and all the advantages of both tubular and microwave heating systems.

FT84-12 Flow diagram
FT84-1 Flow diagram  enlarge


Microwave heating section

Internal Diameter: (product side) 10mm
Length Microwave section: 43mm
Material: Glass
Heating medium: Microwaves 2450 MHz
Microwave power: 2000 Watt
Working pressure: 10 bar
Throughputs: 10 - 20 l/h for UHT temperatures


> Baby foods
> Beer
> Condiments
> Cream
> Culture media
> Custards
> Desserts
> Fruit purees
> Gelatine products
> Health products
> Milk
> Nutritional products
> Pasta and Pâté
> Pharmaceuticals
> Puddings
> Sauces and soups
> Yoghurts


Electricity Supply (three phase)
FT84-12-D 208V,3ph,60Hz
FT84-12-E 380-415V,3ph,50Hz

Contact Armfield for other voltages.

Shipping Specification

Volume: 1.63m³
Gross weight: 256kg

Overall Dimensions

Height: 1.6m
Width: 0.96m
Depth: 0.66m

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