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FT140 Mehrzweck-Mischer

Armfield FT140 Mehrzweck-Mischer sind konzipiert und hergestellt aus hochwertigen hygienischen Materialien mit Industriestandard. Diese Behälter sind in drei Modellen in unterschiedlichen Konfigurationen (siehe Tabelle) und mit 50 l und 100 l Inhalt erhältlich. Alle drei Modelle verfügen über eine Oberfläche aus Edelstahl AISI 316.


- ISI 316 stainless steel finish for all product contact surfaces
- Reinforced top edge with calendaring profile
- IP65 rated control panels
- Modes - setting and switching process parameters using keypad and the facility to set and recall process programmes
- Electronic control speed for mixing motor (20-60 rpm)
- 50 or 100l tanks available
- Rotor with two direction paddle
- 316 stainless steel drain valve
- Turbo emulsifier with electronic control speed (200-900 rpm) in CCT option
- Safety switch
- Alarm and controls indicators - Interchangeable Teflon scrapers

Features on Jacketed Tanks

- AISI 316 stainless steel thermostatic chamber
- Electrical heating
- Cooling water inlet and closing valve
- Water jacket level overflow
- Insulation with stainless steel cladding
- Electronic temperature indicator and controller


Armfield FT140 Multipurpose Mixing Vessels are designed and constructed using high quality hygienic industry standard materials. These tanks are available in three models in varying configurations (see table) and are available in 50l and 100l volumes. All three models have an internal surface made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

These tanks have been designed for industrial applications and are ideal for product storage and formulation in factory and pilot plant environments. All tanks are supplied with an anti-dust cover, which is connected to an electronic safety switch. This ensures mixing only takes place when the lid is closed unless you choose to override. They also come with an anti-oxidant lid and a visualisation column for level indication.

The agitators are manufactured with alternately rotating racks, making these vessels ideal for preparing and mixing dense products like creams, soups and broths. Electronically controlled variable speed turbo-emulsifiers with holes or slots can also be used for agitation.

Cooling in the jacketed vessel is achieved using an external water supply or by means of a closed circuit cooling system. The control panels are IP65 rated. They come complete with a manual override safety switch, temperature controller, indicator lamps, speed regulator, a fully protected Plexiglas casing and an emergency stop button.


Tank Type Volume (l) Overall Height (m) External Diameter (m)

50 1.28 0.40
100 1.33 0.50

50 1.28 0.51
100 1.33 0.60

50 1.28 0.51
100 1.33 0.60


Vessel Type Description
CFC Non jacketed vessel with variable speed agitator
CFCR Jacketed vessel with variable speed agitator, heaters and temperature controller
CCT Jacketed vessel with variable speed agitator, high shear emulsifier, heaters and temperature controller


Ordering Codes

FT140-50-CFC-A  -  230V 1ph 50Hz
FT140-50-CFC-G  -  230V 1ph 60Hz
FT140-100-CFC-A  -  230V 1ph 50Hz
FT140-100-CFC-G  -  230V 1ph 60Hz
FT140-50-CFCR-A  -  230V 1ph 50Hz
FT140-50-CFCR-G  -  230V 1ph 60Hz
FT140-100-CFCR-E  -  400V 3ph 50Hz
FT140-100-CFCR-D  -  208V 3ph 60Hz
FT140-50-CCT-A  -  230V 1ph 50Hz
FT140-50-CCT-G  -  230V 1ph 60Hz
FT140-100-CCT-E  -  400V 3ph 50Hz
FT140-100-CCT-D  -  208V 3ph 60Hz


Electrical Supply: Single phase or 3-phase depending on the unit

Water supply supply for jacketed vessels


Shipping Specification

Volume:                    1.7m3
Gross weight:           250kg

Overall Dimensions

Height:    1.40m
Width:     1.00m
Depth:     1.80m

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