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Test Sticks

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Test Sticks

Test Sticks

Testing the performance of a metal detector, x ray or a check weighing system is essential for an optimal production. It is also an important part of any quality management system in place. Both HACCP, IFS, BRC, and various retailer’s codes of conduct, specify critical control points that must be checked by the quality management of a food processor.

The findings need to be documented in a report for compliance.

Test sticks are used as a part of this control. A test stick is a plastic stick with a SUS spheric ball inside that has a certified composition of material.

We recommend using only DETECTRONIC certified test sticks for these procedures.

All test sticks from DETECTRONIC are supplied with:

  • Certification document
  • Unique certification traceability number
  • A unique color coating on the plastic cover, identifying the type of metal:
    Red, yellow and blue for FE, NON FE and Stainless Steel.

DETECTRONIC holds a large range of test sticks for all types of metal detectors and X-Rays.

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